Cultural Mediation & Storytelling in Museums - using theatre
Cultural Mediation & Storytelling in Museums - using video
Cultural Mediation & Storytelling in Museums - using digital technologies

Cultural Mediation & Storytelling in Museums
using theatre, video and digital technologies

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The training course Cultural Mediation & Storytelling in Museums - using theatre, video and digital technologies is organised by Associazione Sottosopra di Roma in collaboration with cultureforall.

Associazione Sottosopra di Roma

Associazione Sottosopra di Roma is a cultural association, founded in 2000 in Rome.
Its objectives, according to its statutes, are the promotion, development and the creation and production of theatre scenographies and theatrical and musical performances and artistic events regarding sculptures, paintings, murals and works of stone. Over the years the association has participated in many international festivals (among others: International Theatre Festival in the Cinque Terre with the play "Caligula" by Albert Camus, directed by Olga Macaluso, Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre - Castello di Riomaggiore (Sp), 1st Italian Festival in Normandy "e poi venne l'intelletto" directed by Silvio Benedetto, Fécamp (Normandy); 111th International Theatre Festival "Memoires de lycées" - Paris with " La visita"directed by Silvio Benedetto; Theatre Festival in Radicondoli, Siena with" Faust "-loosely based on Goethe's Faust and the Festival Internazionale di Teatro a Rovigo "Faust l'ultima porta" with in all Faust-performances protagonist Olga Macaluso (in the role of a female Mephistopheles).
Parallel to these activities the association is involved in education and training and organises and conducts theatre workshops, art-workshops and training courses. Very significant is the continuous collaboration with the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre (Unesco) 2004-2009 for the organisation and the realisation of many theatrical performances (Linea d'Ombra written, directed and performed by Olga Macaluso, simultaneously with the exhibition of the same title with paintings, sculptures and videos) and cultural events such as the "Academy of the Mediterranean" which took place during the summer months (stages of theatre, painting, mosaics and ceramics) until 2008.
Associazione Sottosopra di Roma devoted itself mainly to innovation and research in which artists from different disciplines -actors, directors, operators, painters, artists- can work together in a desirable contamination of languages, genres and different creative pathways to build new ways of making theatre, and reinventing the role of the spectator.

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